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Add windows machine to domain using PowerShell

February 28, 2017

Greetings !!

Domains make management of machines are users very easy. Managing domains using PowerShell is like being a magician.

Let us add windows machine to domain using PowerShell.

Basic requirement for adding a machine to domain is domain controller should be reachable. To check that just try to ping domain from machine whic is to be added to domain.


If you are not able to receive ping packets then you need to make changes to you DNS entries.

Add you domain controller IP to your DNS.


Once done, try to ping your domain again. You can only add your machine to domain if your machine is reachable in that domain.

You can use below command to add you machine to domain.


When you will execute this command, you will be asked for domain admin credentials. Once the command is executed you need to reboot your machine.

Congratulations you have successfully added your windows machine to domain.

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