Managing administrators using Powershell is critical task. One of the major advantage of Powershell is you don’t need to run discovery to fetch or modify data. You just need some knowledge and confidence on you knowledge.

In this article we would be managing Citrix administrators for Xenapp 6.5 using Powershell.

You can create an administrator using below command.(Don’t forget to add Citrix snappin)
New-XaAdministrator domain\username

After you create a new administrator you would get below output
AdministratorName : domain\username
AdministratorId : xyz
AdministratorType : ViewOnly
Enabled : True
FarmPrivileges :
FolderPrivileges :
MachineName : Servername

The administrator we created here has only ViewOnly access on farm. We can either change it to either Custom or full depending upon the requirement.

We would be making this administrator as custom and command for that is as below:
Set-XAAdministrator domain\username -AdministratorType custom

Check the changes by using below command:
Get-XAAdministrator domain\username

The output now would be
AdministratorName : domain\username
AdministratorId : ID
AdministratorType : Custom
Enabled : True
FarmPrivileges : {ViewAdmins, LogOnConsole, ViewLoadEvaluators, ViewFarm…}
FolderPrivileges : {}
MachineName : Servername

Now the along with administrator type you would notice that farm privileges has also changes. accordingly you can also play with farm privileges.

There different folders in your farm and to different user you would be giving different access depending upon the requirement. For that you need to set administrator privileges depending on different folders.

for that you can use below command:
Add-XaAdministratorprivilege domain\username -folderpath -folderprivileges

Similarly you can use Remove-XaAdministrator to remove administrator and Remove-XaAdministratorpriviledge to remove privileges.

I hope this would helpful, in case of any query feel to comment.

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