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Citrix Farm matrix server

May 9, 2013

The Farm Metric Server is a MetaFrame CPS server that is selected to correlate all farm metrics and server events as it relates to the entire farm. Currently, the only farm metric that is available is the application count for applications. Valid server events that are identified by the Farm Metric Server are server down, server up, metric green, metric red and metric yellow. Every time a server goes down or comes up, the Farm Metric Server is notified. The Farm Metric Server is notified anytime that a server metric changes thresholds.

By default, the first server on which you install Resource Manager becomes the Farm Metric Server. The Farm Metric Server interprets metrics that apply to the entire server farm (for example, application counts) and sends alerts when required. Citrix recommends that the Farm Metric Server be lightly loaded and, preferably, be a data collector. If necessary, you can change the Farm Metric Server to a different machine after installation.

The Farm Metric Server is also considered a CPS member server. It has the same responsibilities to the summary database functionality as other member servers. The only difference is that it also has the responsibility of the tasks associated with a Farm Metric Server.

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