Computers are affecting our Environment

June 29, 2009

The most harmful effect of computer is the release of CO2. The fact is a computer release 0.1 tonnes of CO2 in a year.

A large amount of energy is consumed when a computer is manufactured. “For the manufacturing of a normal PC approx. 30’000 megajoule in energy are used.” (uns.umnw.ethz.ch) When hardware components are manufactured a large amount of toxic chemicals are released which are very harmful to environment and same is the effect when they are desposed. In the manufacturing of just one 8 inch wafer 4,267 cubic feet of bulk gases, 27 pounds of chemicals, 29 cubic feet of hazardous gases and 9 pounds of hazardous waste are given off. In addition over 3787 gallons of water are wasted.All the chemicals and toxins that are released often end up polluting ground water and harming peoples health. Even cleaning agents for computer equipment (such as chloroflourocarbons) are bad for the environment – they are extremely harmful to the ozone layer.
ya another study that has yet to be done is the effect of all the electrical devices on the body and how much radiated energy and radio waves
a person is exposed to and whether or not the amount is enough that it is the reason there is a huge spike in cancer since the development of cell phones computers and tvs or it mite just be the emissions from production of all this plastic stuff.

Overall, computer pollution is a great problem that most people do not acknowledge even exists. It is in urgent need of being solved.

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