Delete files from trash of different drives via command line

August 20, 2011

I have recently updated my Ubuntu OS. I am facing a lot of problems after that. Recently trash icon from my desktop disappeared. I have deleted some files from my drive but space was not freed. It was because the files were going to trash and they were not deleted from there. After playing with command line I got to know that files which we delete are in .Trash folder. Each drive has its own .Trash folder.

My drive’s name is ‘New Volume’ you need to navigate to that drive:

Laptop:~/Desktop$ cd /media/New Volume/.Trash-1000/files/

In this files folder you will have the files. you can remove the files by using command:

Laptop:/media/New Volume/.Trash-1000/files$ rm -r *

Hope this helps you troubleshooting your problem.

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