90 million copies of window 7 sold:Microsoft

March 5, 2010

On tuesday Microsoft announced that 90 million copies of window 7 had been sold. It appears microsoft had really found successor to window xp.

At the company’s annual meeting last November, CEO Steve Ballmer said Windows 7 had sold twice as many units as any operating system in a comparable timeframe, though he didn’t provide a hard number. Now, four months later, we have one: Microsoft has sold 90 million Windows 7 licenses since its October 2009 launch.

Lets put this in prospective: 90 million Windows Seven sales in four months is pathetic. Lets suppose there are one billion computers in this world and 90% of them are wintel, then window seven has 90 million potential users. 18% of world’s computers are running window vista or window vista downgraded to window xp.

Yet, Microsoft has only upgraded 10% of its user base or 2.5 percent a month.

In comparison, how is Apple doing? Snow Leopard, in the six months since its release, has upgraded 28% of its user base or just under 5% a month. This is twice a fast as Window Seven.
Apple is waiting for the majority of Mac Applications to be upgraded to 64 bit code. This won’t happen for another four to six months.

I expect the Wintel Pundits to ignore this fact but Mac sales will pick up just from word of mouth.

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